"Dear Jay, What an incredible service you have done the breast cancer patients everywhere! This beautifully photographed book should be on the "must read" list of any physician treating women with breast cancer. Familiarity is the best tool to reduce fear and so I will recommend you r book to all of my patients. Congratulations and special thanks to Shauna. She is, as you said indeed a "superpatient".

J. H. MD

"Very well done! I cant wait to share this book with my patients and tell my colleagues in Surgical Oncology (Breast Surgery) and Plastics about it. Our nurse navigators absolutely love it. Pictures are worth a thousand words-Great journal of the operative experience. Thanks to all involved in bringing us this unique perspective."

N. J. MD

"A mastectomy is something no woman ever wants to face. but in the face of cancer, it may prove necessary. "Meet Virginia: Biography of a Breast" follows Shauna as she faces breast cancer and the mastectomy process surrounding it. Through the book, the process is detailed with color photographs thought as many expers explain the process, as well as Shauna herself. Designed to empower this who may be facing the endeavor and comfort them, the authors of "Meet Virginia" will donate the proceesd to further breast cancer research."

The Midwest Book Review

"This book is very helpful as a non surgeon who is often asked specific questions by patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The pictures are very realistic without being offensive or frightening. I am looking forward to using it with my patients. "

M. P. MD